Leaving Time, Jodi Picoult

Sometimes you just want a book that will grab you early and keep you turning the pages the whole time. I picked up Leaving Time exactly for that reason; Jodi Picoult is pretty reliably compelling, whether it's a controversial subject, a thrilling court case (...or both), or a mystery (like this one). Leaving Time is the story of … Continue reading Leaving Time, Jodi Picoult


Lone Wolf – Jodi Picoult – A Reading Journal

I sort of feel split on this one... I loved the concept of the novel: a man who studies wolves so closely he becomes a member of a pack (well, several packs), is in a horrific accident and his family must decide whether or not to pull the plug on his life support. If you've … Continue reading Lone Wolf – Jodi Picoult – A Reading Journal

The Storyteller, Jodi Picoult

I've been on something of a reading roll this month. I wanted to read a book I knew I would fly through and would just suck me straight in so I could forget how deperessed I was over The Paris Wife. I've read many Jodi Picoult novels before, and after hearing from my friend that … Continue reading The Storyteller, Jodi Picoult