Sense & Sensibility, an Austen in August Read

Of all of Jane Austen’s novels, I was most eager to read Sense & Sensibility. Something about the title itself appealed to me – the sounds it makes when I say it aloud, the connotation, the feeling I got when thinking about those words together…all somehow contributed the this feeling that this would be the … Continue reading Sense & Sensibility, an Austen in August Read


Pride & Prejudice, My First Jane Austen

And the list of prolific authors I’ve not read has been shortened by one - I’ve finally read a Jane Austen novel!! I chose Pride & Prejudice to start with for several reasons: 1) It’s the volume of hers I’ve owned the longest (going on ten years…it’s about time I cracked it!) 2) It’s the … Continue reading Pride & Prejudice, My First Jane Austen

Mansfield Park, Jane Austen

Mansfield Park is the third Austen novel I’ve come to read. I didn’t expect to read it so soon, honestly, but there was a book group online who read it in March and I decided it was time for another classic and jumped right in. Mansfield Park is not one of Austen’s novels beloved by … Continue reading Mansfield Park, Jane Austen