Gone With the Wind – A Reading Journal, Part V

**Spoilers, obviously. This is the last part in Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell** It has been really hard for me to sit down and finally write something about this book since I finished it. I liked it very much, you can tell that from my updates as I read it, but man, I … Continue reading Gone With the Wind – A Reading Journal, Part V


The Fireman, Joe Hill

The first Joe Hill novel I read was Horns. I read it during the 'blackout phase' of my blogging career, but it was one of the best books I read in 2015. I picked it up because I liked the cover (it's soft) and it was on sale at Target - always a win. At the … Continue reading The Fireman, Joe Hill

Mr. Mercedes, Stephen King

Despite the fact that Stephen King is one of my favorite authors (as a person), I have only read a shameful amount of his fiction. I frequently watch his interviews and appearances on YouTube, and once heard him talking about a story he was working on; a retired detective is being mocked by one of … Continue reading Mr. Mercedes, Stephen King

Gone With the Wind – A Reading Journal, Part III

This post is a reading journal, and therefore contains pretty much nothing but spoilers. You have been warned. If you do the right things for the wrong reasons, are you still a good person? My oh my, part three has quite a lot going on, doesn't it? As a short summary, it opens when the … Continue reading Gone With the Wind – A Reading Journal, Part III

Gone With the Wind, A Reading Journal – Part II

[Please be aware this post is full of spoilers!] It is difficult to know where to start with this entry, so much has happened in the second section of this novel...and yet it has ended in virtually the same place as the one before it. Scarlett, while she has been through many life altering events … Continue reading Gone With the Wind, A Reading Journal – Part II

Book Review:: Dreamlander, KM Weiland

Chris Redston has always had strangely realistic dreams, but when he went to sleep one night in one world and woke up in another, he began to realize that his dreams were much more than they seemed. In Chicago, Chris is just an ordinary guy, but in Lael, he's a Gifted. Generally Gifteds, or worldwalkers, only pop up in Lael once a generation, but Chris has the misfortune to be the second Gifted to come to Lael in 20 years. Unfortunately, Chris' predecessor used the respect and power he had as a Gifted for personal gain and threw the delicate political balance of Lael into war, ruining the Gifted's reputation and making Chris' welcome chilly at best…..

Her Fearful Symmetry, Audrey Niffenegger

My first review in awhile! As I mentioned just before, we’ve moved recently, which has left precious little time for reading. The last few weeks though, I’ve been getting the itch to listen to audiobooks at work, I just never seemed to get to the library to pick any up. Until Tuesday. First up from … Continue reading Her Fearful Symmetry, Audrey Niffenegger