About This Blog

Hello, I’m Emma, and I have a passion for books.

My love for books is extensive and many sided: I love the smell of books, I love the grain of the papers, I love the covers, the way the pages feel as I turn them, and the weight of them. I love to own books, and I like to give them to people to share in their glory. I like buying books and I like standing in the middle of a bookstore admiring books from afar. I like new books, I like old books, and I like to talk about books. I like to carry them with me, and I’m never without one. I love books.

I also love stories. A story, when read at the right time, can change your life. They form who we are and give us ideas about the person we want to become. Words, which are nothing more than simple symbols, are strung together and carefully arranged into sentences, which are grouped with care into paragraphs, which then join together to create chapters, which are gathered and arranged into novels. Take a book, any book, and consider it. How many countless hours went into that final draft that sits in front of you? How many months and years did the author spend crafting the language meticulously in order to capture the idea that sprung to life inside his or her mind? Did they type it into a word processor? A typewriter? Or did they scratch it out longhand on parchment with a nib pen by candlelight? No matter what the answers to these questions, someone somewhere across time felt strongly enough about the story contained inside those pages to dedicate a considerable amount of time and energy into producing it in order to have it sitting there in front of you. As an aspiring novelist myself, I can appreciate what an incredibly complex challenge it is to craft a novel, and I admire those who accomplish it.

However, publishing has been around a long time, and there is an incredible amount of material that we, as readers, have to choose from to read. Many of us are very busy and have less and less time to spend reading, yet we all want to read books we’ll like.

This blog, for me, is a reading journal; a place for me to record my thoughts on the books I read. For you, this blog will hopefully help you answer the lingering question of “What do I read next?”, or at the very least, give you a place to talk about books!


If you think I should read a book that you do not see in my index, leave a comment or send me an e-mail (emmabookblogger@gmail.com), and I may add it to my to-read list!



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