Gone With the Wind – A Reading Journal, Part IV

This post comes to you as a series of thoughts by bullet point. Spoilers abound.

-Ashley actually does like her? I apparently misread things from the beginning. Even after that confrontation in the orchard, she is still so wild about him. I’ve been harboring that she didn’t truly love him, but now having thought of him above everyone else except herself for so many years now, maybe it is more than just infatuation. Is his side of things only lust? Or does he truly admire her? I may have to go back and reread some of their scenes at the beginning.

-I can’t believe she stole another husband out from under someone, and this time from her own sister! Scarlett is a heartless cutthroat bitch, let’s just be honest.

-Clearly Scarlett is breaking some huge stereotypes in this section by becoming a business owner as a woman. Although it is too bad that Scarlett let’s her keen business sense trump her morality. She understands the treatment of the convicts at her mills are wrong, and yet the bottom line is all she cares about at the end of the day.

-I love the term ‘scandalized’.

-I like how through most of this section Scarlett and Rhett are pretty well established friends. They are very clearly cut by the same cloth, and Rhett has known that all along. If only Scarlett had a brain! Their conversations are one of my favorite things to read. And my, Rhett has so much patience with her!

-This novel has me intrigued. I have been reading online about the civil war, and I am interested in finding some good, readable, non-fiction as well as more fiction about the American Civil War era. Anyone have suggestions on what I should add to my TBR?

-Some of these I wrote before finishing part four, but now that I have: 😱🤗😁 They’ve finally done it! And what a sweet moment the proposal was. Yes, Rhett is probably a horrible person, but he knew from the beginning that Scarlett married Frank for his money, out of necessity, for survival. With that in mind I don’t feel Rhett was a scoundrel for proposing only days after her husband’s death. I frigging love Rhett Butler. He reminds me of Mr. Rochester from my favorite classic (Jane Eyre) in many ways.

Not so many details this time, I can’t wait to finish so I can reflect on the book as a whole.



6 thoughts on “Gone With the Wind – A Reading Journal, Part IV

  1. MARGARET MITCHELL KNEW PEOPLE WOULD COMPARE RHETT BUTLER TO MR. ROCHESTER! She totally guessed that before she published. :D

    For Civil War reads, I haven’t read much yet, but I STRONGLY want to read more as well. I recently posted on fifty titles on my TBR list, and a lot of them are American Civil War titles. That post might at least give you some ideas? https://ofcannonsandbooks.wordpress.com/2017/06/11/a-peek-at-my-tbr/

    Also, I heartily recommend the film Gettysburg {inspired by the novel The Killer Angels which I adored}, the Ken Burns series The Civil War which I need to watch in full but have loved in snatches {trailers on both available at youtube}, the novel Mary: Mrs. A. Lincoln, and the novel My Name Is Mary Sutter which is extremely excellent {about a nurse in the Civil War.}

    I hope some of that steers you somewhere excellent. If you find a great American Civil War read, I’d love to hear about it, as I’m sure I’ll want to read it. :)

    • I LOVE Mr. Rochester.

      I did see that post of yours. I’ll have to look at it again with goodreads open ;-)

      Right now I’m listening to Lincoln in the Bardo which takes place early Civil War, but it’s more a surrealist study in grief so far. One really interesting thing – some of the chapters are made up solely of quotations, letters, and historical references of the time. I’m listening to it on audio, so at first I was like…what is going on??

      • SO DO I! {Rochester.} :D

        I just finished Lincoln in the Bardo a couple weeks ago! It was really weird, but in a good way, I think. You might also enjoy Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad, It’s also strange — darker too. But excellent… :D

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