Reading Goals 2017

I love goals. It’s probably the #plannergirl part of me, or maybe I’m just a straight up nerd (or would it make me a geek?), but goals are seriously awesome. Not only do they give you a ‘plan’ to follow, but the sense of satisfaction once you’ve completed a goal is hard to compare. I’ve been setting yearly goals for myself the last three years, and love it! It’s always nice to take a few moments to think about how you want your year to go. I highly recommend it.

I’ve never put together a list specifically for reading, but since this blog is something I want to keep going this year, I thought it’d be a good idea to start now! Usually I like to include some goals I know I probably won’t reach, but I want to try and make this list attainable to get myself off to a good start.

  1. Buy no new books for the remainder of 2017. Seriously, if you guys could see my bookshelves, it’s ridiculous how many unread books I have. Books for my son are excluded, of course, as well as audiobooks (I receive one download per month with my audible subscription).
  2. Read 25 total books (Jan 1st – Dec 31st). It’s a low number, I know. Especially for a ‘book blogger’. But this is one goal I want to put a big check mark next to!
  3. Post at least once a month. With an audible account, I generally finish at least one book per month just listening along at work, but even if I don’t (I do have some chunksters on there), I can still post something book related.
  4. Organize my bookshelves. We’ve lived in this house for two years and still I’ve not organized my books into any sort of system. Shameful.
  5. Meet new blogger friends. Reading is generally a solitary act, but it’s always more fun when you have people to talk about it with! I really want to find some blogger friends who have a similar taste in books.

What reading goals have you set for yourself this year, and how are they going for you?


2 thoughts on “Reading Goals 2017

  1. Hi! I’m new to your blog. I’ve already enjoyed reading about your goals. I don’t think I could agree to not buying any more books for the year, that one would be too hard for me. :)

    Anyways, judging from some of the tags you use often, I see a lot of classic lit authors that greatly attract my attention. I’ll have to check out which books you’ve read so far. I’m a big fan of classics!

    Good luck with all your goals.


    • Hey Tarissa – I’m glad you stumbled across my blog 😁 I will have to check yours out!

      I do love reading classics. I’ve read and posted about several (my post index is under construction right now), but I have about a million still on my to-read list!! Are you part of the classics club challenge? If not you should definitely check it out!

      Yeah, the book buying thing is already tough! What was I thinking 😂😂


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