…..I’m back!

It’s been a long time. A really long time. So long I actually forgot the name of my blog – it had to percolate in the depths of my brain for two whole days before it came back to me. And somehow, miraculously, I also remembered the username and password to log back in!

My last post was three years ago, which seems about right because over the last few years my reading has been anything but consistent. I think I even went an entire year without finishing even one new book. Once my reading habit started to fall off, I told myself I was done with trying to keep up the blog, and I think you can tell from the last few posts that I was trying to get myself back into it, I just couldn’t. I didn’t want the extra pressure of feeling like I HAVE to write about every book I read anymore. I was tired of being afraid of picking up an especially long book because that meant my posts wouldn’t be consistent enough to keep or gain followers, or rushing through a novel just so I could review it faster. If you let it all get to you, it can be really draining. In my case, it started to keep me from picking up a book at all.

I was glad for the break from blogging, but I feel refreshed now and ready to get back into it. Because the space from blogging also made me realize something: I love having it.

Because I had a whim to begin a book blog six or so years ago, I now have this incredible record of the books I’ve read and what my thoughts were on them at the time. It’s amazing what you forget about books you’ve read even after a short span of time. It’s also interesting to see how much I have changed over the course of keeping this blog. When I started I don’t think I even had my ‘professional’ office job yet, I certainly didn’t drive (I was a late bloomer there), and lived with roommates (who happened to by my now-husband, then boyfriend’s grandparents). Things have certainly changed! We now own a house, my first car is due for a breakdown at any minute, we’ll be celebrating our four-year wedding anniversary this year, and I’m a new mom! It will be wonderful to be able to reread one of those books and look at what I first thought of it and how my the reading experience changed with time.

From looking back I’ve also learned a few things about how I want to blog going forward. I’m not going to MAKE myself write about a book if I am just not feelin’ it. And I’m not going to make myself write about every book in the same way. Reading, for me at least, is very emotional and personal. Part of the beauty of a book is how it makes you think and feel afterwards. I like my reviews to reflect those feelings in my writing style sometimes. No, this isn’t a professional blog – it’s a personal one, and an informal one even on that spectrum. So I feel okay about not having  concrete style or schedule.

I’m sure that after all this time I have zero followers who may read this, but I wanted to write something to transition into blogging again. So like this post or leave a comment if you’re reading this, just so I know you’re there. Tell me what your favorite book is at the moment and why. I’ll start.

Of the books I’ve read so far this year, my favorite is the one I’m currently reading (as an audiobook): The View from the Cheap Seats by Neil Gaiman. It’s a collection of various non-fiction works of his. This book totally plays to my inner book nerd. I love the discussions on the importance of literacy, adult vs children’s books, and genre that I’ve read so far. Plus it’s narrated by Neil Gaiman, which is, objectively, the best.

See you again very soon,



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