The Hunger Games #3

This book has taken me a long time to complete, but, as promised, this post has made it in July! This is the second time I’ve read this series, for those of you who don’t know, and you can find my posts on the first two books here and here.

Through the first third of the book, I hated it. The whole thing seemed strange, irrational, convenient…I didn’t mind that District 13 existed, and I actually loved the ending of two, but it all just seemed so…strange. Like too much had been left to explain too quickly. I also felt like it was trying to be a little bit too much like The Hunger Games – why would they think Katniss had to be all dressed up and whatever, isn’t that part of the grotesqueness of the Games? Wouldn’t that be counter-productive to what they were trying to accomplish. I think it’s stupid that went on for so long. It was like they just stumbled into a straight up military base ready for attack. That’s convenient. It’s also convenient that though they are so small of a forgotten district that they are somehow in control of orchestrating the entire rebel movement in ALL districts. I didn’t like it much, basically. Until…

When Katniss first got out to one of the districts. Sure, it was a stupid reason for going – for a glorified photo shoot – but it turned into something much more. Something worth fighting for. Before that point Katniss was not a part of the fighting, not really a part of the war further than a symbol. That is where she finds her motivation for her country – where it becomes more than just a personal vendetta against President Snow himself.

What happens to Peeta is terrible. It’s terrible. But it’s war. I also don’t like how Katniss goes back to Gale and Collins is always writing about ‘kisses’. All throughout these books it’s all about ‘kisses’, that’s as personal as it gets. Well ‘kisses’ sounds like something sweet ten year olds would do. These kids are old enough to be more than a peck on the cheek anyway, but further matured by what they’ve all been through. This is one thing that made me roll my eyes consistently throughout the last quarter of the first book. At least describe the kiss. ‘His lips found mine’ ‘The warmth of his lips against mine finally made me feel safe’ or something! I’m not saying turn it into an erotic novel or that they should even get on with ‘it’…but just saying ‘kisses kisses kisses’ makes everything seem much more kiddy – which this series could definitely do without.


Overall, I was satisfied with this book. When I started it, I changed my Goodreads rating from a 4 to a 3. But when I finished, I switched it back again. Although the beginning of the book was clumsy and jam packed with things that could have been explained better, the book manifests in another great action adventure that comes to a satisfying conclusion. I still think the ‘production’ that 13 is always trying to put on is silly, but overall, it did work.

For the series as a whole, judging by what it is: A young adult futuristic dystopia trilogy, this series impresses me, and will hopefully be around for years and years and years. Anything that gets kid’s minds thinking about real world problems – seeing what there is in the world and what may become (because even though this is fake, it really isn’t that far-fetched considering history throughout the world and other fiction like 1984) – it’s a good thing.

Keep reading young ones, and keep your minds open.

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