Bridget Jones’s Diary – Helen Fielding

If you’ve ever been a woman, single or otherwise, mid-thirties or otherwise, dieting or otherwise, striving toward ‘inner peace’ or otherwise, I guarantee you will find hilarity at some point in these pages (trouble is, the moments between ‘jokes’ fall a bit flat).


Bridget Jones is somewhat of a mess, or she thinks she is. Because she is in her thirties and still single, Bridget’s mother is constantly trying to set her up with bachelors she thinks are eligible, while Bridget stands by with a face flamed in embarrassment. Bridget also sees her ‘singleton’ status as quite a bad thing most of the time, but she has a great group of eccentric friends who are always willing to do a good verbal bashing against whatever ‘Fuckwittage’ deserves it this time.

The novel is a diary kept over one full year in the life of Bridget Jones; hence the title. At the beginning of each entry, Bridget diligently records several stats, which she also rates on how well she did during that period; weight, cigarettes, negative thoughts, lottery tickets, message checking, and alcohol units are some of the most frequent stats recorded. Initially, reading these stats was the funniest bit about this book, though by April or so, that had worn off and I started briefly glancing at them for any ‘new’ stats she may have included. It got repetitive and boring, although the stats summary on the last page was worth quite a laugh, so maybe you’re meant to skip over those at a certain point.

I’m actually not much of a ‘chick lit’ reader. Perhaps that is why I wasn’t super impressed by this book. Yes, in some parts, it was hilarious, but between funny times, the book didn’t really seem to have any ‘meat’ to support it. I guess that could be a pro – for people looking for a ‘light summer read’ – but it just didn’t do it for me. I found myself basically forcing myself to keep reading, waiting for something to grab my attention, basically so I could just finish it and move on to another book. I will probably read the next one…eventually, but I’m not going to jump right into it. If you’re looking for a funny book to read, I’d recommend Bossypants, by Tina Fey way before this one.

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