Challenge Announcement – The Classics Club

I have been challenging myself to read more classics since my junior year in high school…7 years ago. Since that time, I have decidedly tended to read more classic lit (especially in the last three years or so), but I haven’t read as much as my high school self would have hoped I would have by now. To ensure this pattern does not continue, I’ve decided to join in on The Classics Club challenge.

All you have to do to take part in this challenge is set a goal for reading more classic literature. There are only two rules:

1) You have to commit to reading at least 50 books


2) It has to be completed in 5 years or less.

(Also you have create a list of titles you’re striving to read and blog about each one as you complete it. There are no pre-defined classics, there is no default list to choose from-you decide what is a classic, how many, and how fast you’d like to read them. This would be an excellent reason to create a blog if you don’t have one, or you can just challenge yourself at home as well!)

I like how open/flexible and personalized this challenge is. I am one of those people that starts everything, goes absolutely crazy over it for a short span of time (usually between 1 and 3 months), and then move on… This has left me with an enormous amount of half finished projects strewn throughout my house. Little side note I guess :-)

I like that this goal is attainable. One thing throughout my life has remained somewhat regular: my reading habits. 50 classics in 5 years is not only something I’m sure I can do, but it will leave room for other books that take my fancy during that time as well, and most importantly of all: it is something I will be proud of accomplishing.

If I’ve learned one thing from the classics I’ve read so far, it’s that you shouldn’t feel intimidated by them. Take them one word at a time. Don’t feel stupid if you don’t ‘get’ it, it’s not a commentary on your intelligence, you just may not be ready for it yet.

I’m in the process of creating my list – it’s taking quite a lot of thought and adjustment…more than I’d first expected there to be, honestly. I’d like to keep the list as consistent as possible in my five year time span (although I’m hoping I’ll complete it much sooner than that), so I want to make sure everything on the list is going to still peak my interest in several years, going to be challenging to complete (but still possible!), and get me out of my normal reading routine. If I have to eventually edit it, I will, but I’m trying my hardest to avoid it!!

I know I’m leaving you on the edge of your seats here, but I was hoping to have the list ready by now to post – instead all I have is this measly announcement! Reader, if you are interested in reading up on your classics, I would highly recommend joining this open and encouraging self-challenge with me!

Coming Soon…


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