Jane Eyre – Video Book Discussion

Hello everyone,

So….I have a youtube channel. It’s very new, but I talk about books there, so perhaps some of you will be interested in seeing what I’ve uploaded. I thought post this video I’d recently done about Jane Eyre (my favorite book!) and see what you guys think. Should I include more of my YouTube videos here on my blog, or just link it in the ‘Contact’ page?

Anyway – I’m not a very good editor yet, but I try! I hope you enjoy :-)

Thanks for watching,

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5 thoughts on “Jane Eyre – Video Book Discussion

      • It’s about surviving. From my post about it:

        GWTW is, in short, about the women of Atlanta and Clayton County, Georgia, and the war that was fought in the destroyed cities, clubs and plantations of the South as the American Civil War ripped the country in two in the early 1860s. It’s mainly about how the women survived, and how they didn’t. In particular, it’s about Scarlett O’Hara, a spoiled planter’s daughter who must either lie down and die with the rest of Georgia, or get up and find a new way to live. This novel is about why and how she makes her choice, what she faces, whom she loves, how she changes.

        (The rest is at my blog, if you’re interested.

        You should watch the preview. ;)

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