Quick Update

Quuuuick announcement!

My computer busted last night and no longer turns on – so until I get it fixed, there will be little to no new posts here (I do have a WordPress app on my phone, but it is really best for exclusively text entries, and I like pictures!). I’m not sure if my photos and videos will be saved on my hard drive, so I am a little nervous, and have learned two lessons – plug your computer into a surge protector (not the wall), and BACKUP YOUR FILES ON EXTERNAL MEMORY! I’ve never had a computer just pop and die before, so I never seriously considered external memory, after all, I’ve never come close to using it all. But the thought of losing all my photos is giving me anxiety!

Anyway, it’s nothing like your computer going out to realize how much time you waste on it – ha! Now I will definitely have more time for reading. Also, I’m expecting some awesome new books in the mail today or tomorrow. I will post them up as soon as my computer is up and running again (or I get a new one, depending on the damage!).

Thank you for understanding!



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